Here’s one we made earlier….

When you were growing up, did you get to do much cooking at home? If so, what did you cook?

For me it was often limited to the odd sponge cake or scones – nothing I could make too much of a mess of!

But things do seem to be changing. Recently, we asked 1400 of our Let’s Get Cooking school clubs what was their favourite recipe to cooking with the children taking part.

Home-made muffins and curries came top of the list. Our clubs liked both sweet and savoury muffins, many with fruit or vegetable bases – they got almost a quarter of the votes. Spicy dishes like Thai green and seven vegetable curry received a further 12 per cent of their nominations. They also picked soups, scones, vegetable dishes, chilli, smoothies and cous cous as well as bread and home-made pizzas.

And as our club members learn more skills and get more confident in the kitchen, it was fantastic to see more complicated recipes getting a mention, too – it’s out with the fairy cakes and in with Thai salmon laska and mushroom stroganoff!

Learning to cook is changing how children eat. More than half of our members say they’re eating a healthier diet as a result, and children are trying new dishes and learning skills that will help them to eat well as they grow up. With dishes like home-made curries so popular with our clubs, that means more children and their families are getting the skills to make their own using fresh ingredients rather than relying on takeaways and processed meals that can be high in fat and salt.

Let us know what’s your favourite food to cook with your children below – would muffins and curries be in your top ten?

Watch out for Let’s Get Cooking’s regular recipe tips here, or get in touch to see how Let’s Get Cooking could help you.

Claire’s our Media and Communications Manager. Email Claire here.


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