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All in for al fresco

Whether it’s a posh-picnic-basket-with-matching-plates-and-glasses type or a throw-it-all-in-the-rucksack-and-let’s-see-where-we-end-up version, a picnic will be on the agenda for loads of us this Bank Holiday weekend  – even if it is under a brolley!

Whatever the weather, making a picnic is an easy way to give bored kids something fun to do.  And most importantly, our research this summer has shown it can save you quite a bit of cash, too : an average of £14 for a family of four on a day trip. Do the maths: that’s an average of £40 if you’ve made three trips this summer – enough to put towards another day out!

Here at Let’s Get Cooking, we’ve come up with our favourite ‘on the go’ recipes that you can make ahead with the kids and take with you on a day out, whether you’re off to the park, a family attraction or even just down to the end of your back garden.

The days of warm, floppy sandwiches and leaky flasks of soup are gone – it’s about making things that work really well as portable food.

We’ve got six different menus, all specially designed for making with children, each with a vegetarian option and starting from as little as £5.63 to feed a family of four.

Try Spanish tortillas, carrot cous cous salad, mozzarella  and pepper tarts, chicken and mango pittas and fruit kebabs along with a whole range of snacks like shortbread, cheesy biscuits and oat cookies.

Give them a go this weekend and help us bring back the great British picnic!

Now, where’s that sun?

Natalie’s our Regional Manager for Let’s Get Cooking in the South West. Email Natalie