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Enough on their plates?

Tricia web

Tricia, who heads up our Eat Better, Start Better programme, blogs this week for Nursery World magazine….

“Would the proposed change to staff-child ratios – now described as ‘dead in the water’ by Nick Clegg, – have affected your ability to provide food that meets the welfare requirement and to deliver food activities, including cooking with young children?

“Because, let’s be honest, many of the things childcare providers are working so hard on when it comes to food do take an investment of staff time: planning menus, cooking nutritious and tasty meals and snacks, making the time to sit and eat with children; to talk with children about what they’re eating, asking questions and playing games; to get them cooking and growing fruit, vegetables and herbs; practising with cutlery and the social skills of eating together. Just encouraging children to eat at all can be a major exercise in diplomacy.”

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