Too much of a thirst for knowledge?

Laura Sharp

Does your child drink enough during the school day? Too many children are going far too long without a drink, according to a survey.

The poll of 2,000 parents of primary school children by the Natural Hydration Council found a quarter didn’t give children a drink at breakfast time. Less than a quarter of parents (23.3%) reported giving their children water to take to school and less than 40% of parents said schools provide water on the tables at lunchtime. ??????????????

Not good news. Dehydration affects children’s ability to learn at school. Studies have shown they perform better in class after having a drink – they found it easier to remember and recall information, and were more focused on what they were doing. When it comes down to it, if children aren’t well-hydrated, their bodies won’t work correctly and their health is at risk.

Read my top tips on hydration for kids in my previous post.

Laura’s one of our nutritionists. Email Laura.

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